Cantagua club house

OMNISTAR delivers ideal playing conditions while cutting energy costs by 70%!

Nestled between a forest of pines and the ocean, Cantagua condominium is one of the most exclusive on the coast of Chile. Local residents have access to a club house which spread over 9 hectares incorporates 3 swimming pools, tennis courts, a gym, sauna and restaurant. 

Eager to provide high-quality sports facilites, the management of this club house asked Schréder to provide a new lighting scheme for the padel and tennis courts. 

Better light with less floodlights

The new lighting had to meet the international sporting requirements while lowering energy costs. 
We proposed the OMNIstar floodlight equipped with 144 LEDs and a power consumption of 470W. Installed on 10m high poles, the OMNIstar delivers the required lighting levels with excellent visibility and superb uniformity on the courts while reducing both glare and overspill.  

70% energy savings

Thanks to the high-performance of this floodlight, the club house was able to reduce the number of old floodlights (fitted with 400W metal halide lamps) installed on each court by 4, generating significant energy savings of 70%!

The management and residents are delighted with the new lighting which provides the best playing conditions with no impact on the local environment. 



Cantagua club house