Lighting the future, preserving the past

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Enhance your lighting with ease and efficiency

Preserving our past requires a fresh approach with new technologies. At Schréder, we combine heritage with innovation, focusing on the circular economy. Our CIRCLE LED BASE retrofit solution extends the life of luminaires, combining advanced technology with sustainability and improved energy efficiency. Embrace a brighter, greener future with our retrofit solutions, ensuring your heritage luminaires continue to shine without waste or costly replacements.

  • Complete retrofit kit
  • CIRCLE LED BASE components are all included in an IP66 enclosure – electrical, driver, LEDs, optics and optional surge protection – for seamless upgrade.

  • Flexible configurations
  • CIRCLE LED BASE is available in two sizes with a range of lumen outputs and light distributions to suit different luminaires and applications.

  • Quick ROI
  • Maximise energy savings and achieve a rapid return on investment with CIRCLE LED BASE. Easy to retrofit and designed for a long life, it eliminates the need for periodic lamp replacement and requires no special maintenance.

  • Universal fit
  • Standardised fixing points and the available mounting plates ensure smooth integration with popular Schréder luminaires such as ONYX, CITEA, MAYA, SCALA, HESTIA and VALENTINO. Customised mounting systems can be quickly designed by our team for bespoke solutions.

Circular economy in action

Quality design is in Schréder's DNA, ensuring that our luminaires last for decades. However, technological advances can render them obsolete despite their structural integrity. Enter modern Schréder technology, offering superior lighting with minimal maintenance and improved energy performance. CIRCLE LED BASE transforms durable HID luminaires into efficient LED luminaires, extending their life by replacing only the power supply and light source. Enjoy improved lighting quality, reduced maintenance and increased energy savings while retaining the original luminaire.

Programming and asset management

CIRCLE LED BASE is an integral part of the Schréder circular ecosystem, promoting sustainability and efficient asset management. The Schréder Circle Light App enables easy programming of CIRCLE LED BASE kits, allowing luminous flux, dimming schedules and operating parameters to be adjusted using NFC technology. This App collects and updates product-specific data and integrates seamlessly with the Schréder Smart Label portal and the EXEDRA IoT platform. Adapt retrofit kits to specific requirements and ensure streamlined maintenance with swift, contactless driver programming, while benefiting from comprehensive data collection and asset management within the Schréder circular ecosystem.


Preporučena visina ugradnje (m)
4.0 - 
Klasa električne izolacije
Prenaponska zaštita (kV)
Kontrolni protokol(i)
Izlazna snaga svetiljke (Lm)
1000 - 
Snaga (W)
11.0 - 
Efikasnost svetiljke - do (Lm/W)
Indeks reprodukcije boje (CRI)
ULOR koeficijent (ULOR)
Frosted glass
Tempered glass
Završna obrada
Polyester powder coating
Standard colour
Stepen zaptivenosti
Otpornost na udar
Sve konfiguracije
Lifetime may be different according to the size/configurations. Please consult us
Opseg (radne) temperature
-30°C up to +50°C / -22°F up to 122°F with wind effect
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Dimenzije i montaža

AxBxC (mm | inch)
CIRCLE LED BASE 1 : 243x93x193 | 9.6x3.7x7.6
CIRCLE LED BASE 2 : 277x93x243 | 10.9x3.7x9.6
Težina (kg| lbs)
CIRCLE LED BASE 1 : 3.0-3.3 | 6.6-7.3
CIRCLE LED BASE 2 : 3.6-4.0 | 7.9-8.8

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Easy installation with 

The IP66 rated CIRCLE LED BASE kit comes pre-wired for easy installation. Connect to the mains using one of three options: cable gland, tool-less quick-on connectors or QPD quick connectors. This plug-and-play solution ensures a hassle-free upgrade.

Control systems

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