Bishop’s University dark sky lighting

Elegant STYLAGE lantern delivers design and the right light to protect the region’s dark skies

Bishop’s University is a small liberal arts university located in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Founded in 1840, the college has graduated an impressive fifteen Rhodes Scholars.

Known as the ‘Oxford on the Massawippi’, Bishop’s campus is located on 200 hectares of land at the junction of the Saint Francis and Massawippi rivers in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Its nickname is also a nod to its architectural style, influenced by the Gothic Revival period. The campus houses over 25 buildings, including some of Quebec’s most historic structures.

This breathtaking campus is also near Mont Mégantic, atop which sits the Mont Megantic Observatory. The Observatory is an astronomy research centre that houses a 1.6m telescope and many other high-level instruments. The fact that the Astrolab is located outside a major city and has access to a protected dark sky makes it the most efficient observatory in Canada even though it ranks fourth in terms of its size.

Urban lighting to protect dark skies

In 2007 the Mont Mégantic region became the very first International Dark Sky Reserve certified by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). The reserve of 5,300km² was set up to help protect the wonderful nocturnal sky that surrounds Mont Mégantic.

An International Dark Sky Reserve (IDSR) is defined as a large public or private land possessing a starry sky of exceptional quality and nocturnal environment which is subject to protection for scientific, educational, cultural or natural enjoyment.

In an effort to preserve the efficiency of the Astrolab and protect the area from light pollution, the City of Sherbrooke has put in place very stringent lighting guidelines for the zones located around the observatory, including Bishop’s University.

Lighting to respect History and Nature

When it was time to upgrade the existing lanterns on campus, the administration was keen on keeping with the architectural style while also looking toward the future. The chosen solution would also have to be Dark Sky compliant. With a vision of preserving the past and respecting the environment, Bishop’s University chose the STYLAGE.

This modern LED lantern provides a sophisticated design that enhances the history of the campus and more importantly, is fitted with flat-glass optics that prevent any upward light spill and reduce light pollution to provide a Dark Sky friendly lighting.

The lanterns are fitted with pure amber LEDs (1,800K) in a nod to historic street lighting and to create a pleasant space where students and staff can move around safely after dark, while minimising energy use. Amber colour LEDs also produce less sky glow and are less disruptive for wildlife, so it was a winning solution for all.

Flexible mounting

The STYLAGE offers post-top and side-entry mounting options to create an aesthetic look and feel throughout the campus. For the side-entry lanterns, the University chose the AJUDA arm that gives the entire ensemble a more contemporary look. It seamlessly fits in with the architecture of the newer buildings on campus.

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