Urban and residential streets must create public realms that let people interact with each other and the environment.

Make your streets better places to live, work and play with well-designed night-time lighting that


Improve road safety and street security
You need lighting that enable people, cyclists and motorists to easily find their way and move around in complete safety at night.
Our lighting systems respect standards to deliver the right levels to create a functional and comfortable night-time setting that makes people feel at ease and reduces anti-social behaviour and stress.


Create a quality environment
Make sure your residents and visitors are experiencing the best of urban life.
Well-lit roads and streets have a positive impact on the health and well-being of your community encouraging people to walk and cycle more.
Our lighting solutions ensure high visual comfort without compromising on performance.
In addition, our range of luminaires, brackets and poles bring that extra touch, adding an aesthetic function and identity.


Boost the night-time economy
Quality environments bring more people out after dark - even on long winter nights and in cities with relatively cold climates.
By shopping and dining out locally, residents enhance commercial activity and city promotion.
Our luminaires, fitted with tunable white LEDs, create the right ambiance at the right time of night for safe, vibrant and prosperous streets.


Achieve carbon footprint objectives
Responsive street lights adapt levels to the time and to usage patterns after dark, while respecting local wildlife.
Fitted with sensors and control systems, our luminaires ensure that you not only create safe and quality environments but also minimise energy consumption, extend maintenance cycles and lower carbon emissions to achieve your sustainability goals.