Minel-Schréder doo Beograd, Serbia

Today, the Schréder Group is composed of 35 companies on five continents, with 2,600 employees bound by the same ideals and same commitment to quality for 115 years. The history of the Schréder Group begins in Belgium in 1906, when the first company of the Schréder brand started manufacturing equipment for power distribution and industrial companies. While still in Belgium in 1937, Schréder turned to the activity that will become its core business in the future: outdoor lighting equipment. The making of the international group starts in 1951 with establishing the Comatelec company in France. By late fifties, more companies in West Europe, and the first in South America (Colombia) are established, while the first companies in East Europe (Yugoslavia) and Middle East (Lebanon) were established in 1969. The first Asian company was established in 1986 in China. In 1992, Schréder launched its North American business; the first company in Africa was established in 2001 (South Africa).

Nowadays, the Schréder Group is proud of a large number of its factories and development centres in as much as five continents. Our seven factories – in France, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, South Africa and China – and seven development centres – in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa and United Kingdom– make us true experts in the field of lighting.

Minel-Schréder is one of the oldest members of the international Schréder Group. The company was established in 1969 in Belgrade by joined efforts of the Elektrosrbija company and the Belgian company Constructions Electriques Schréder. For all these years, the Company has been manufacturing and distributing luminaires for public, urban, decorative, sport, tunnel and special lighting. Ever since its forming and until today, Minel-Schréder has been the leader in lighting in Southeast Europe, which is best confirmed by the Company’s diversified List of References. In the Company, special attention is paid to research, studies and development of new lighting solutions. Knowledge and experience exchange among all the members of the Group make us possible to come together to the best solutions in product design. Daily cooperation with the development centre and laboratory in Hungary is the biggest advantage of Minel-Schréder when it comes to the state-of-the-art engineering achievements. Minel‑Schréder also offers the services of photometric design and creates lighting solutions even for the most complex facilities, always following and implementing new global trends, recommendations and standards while respecting client needs and requirements. The Sales and Sales Support (composed of the Study and Design Bureaux and the Marketing Bureaux) are always willing to respond to any questions related to lighting that the clients may have. Top quality, supreme materials, unsurpassed photometric performances and sleek equipment design of the Schréder brands guarantee long, high-quality and very reliable operations in any field of application. By its serious approach to resolving lighting issues, many successful and long-lasting implementations and extraordinary results, Minel-Schréder is responsibly recommending itself for cooperation, assured that it will always propose and implement the best possible solution for you.