Saint Sava Orthodox Cathedral

A jewel in the city’s skyline

One of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, with a 70m high dome and a surface area of 3,500m² on the ground floor alone, the Saint Sava Orthodox Cathedral dominates the Belgrade cityscape.

Schréder provided a total of 1,200 floodlights to deliver an illumination worthy of this majestic landmark.

Discreet and very compact, more than 300 Corus floodlights enhance the main architectural features with controlled illumination. The immaculate white marble facades are highlighted by 67 recessed Terra floodlights with a high IP 67 tightness level and mechanical robustness to withstand the passage of passer-bys.

The Focal, fitted with a visor, illuminates the half-dome while the same model fitted with a light channel emphasises the stain glass windows at the entrance.

For festive occasions, more than 450 Enyo LED floodlights have been installed to create special effects.

The residents of Belgrade are delighted with this lighting scheme which reveals the neo-Byzantine architecture and creates a visually stunning night feature.

Svetosavski Square