Nis Fortress Park

Lighting to revive the spirit of the this historic setting for a pleasant night time aura

Nis, Serbia’s third largest city, is home to numerous sites of historical importance from various periods, including the magnificent fortress which was built in the 18th century.

Located beside the river, this important historical monument is also a popular venue for frequent cultural and artistic events and one of the favourite places for residents and visitors to spend time, as they relax in the park within the fortress walls.

In 2013, the local authorities replaced the old luminaires fitted with mercury lamps to enhance safety and the sense of well-being in the park by increasing the lighting levels with an energy efficient solution.

The Isla LED proved to be perfect for this park thanks to its elegant design, low energy consumption and white light which not only improves safety but shows the true colours of the landscape to help visitors feel the spirit of this old fort and create a more enjoyable nocturnal ambiance.

The Rocca floodlight was also installed to illuminate Stambol Gate, the main entrance to the fortress.

The new lighting is strongly appreciated by residents, who are very attached to this historic site.

Nis Fortress, Univerzitetski trg