Nivelles, Heart of Light

Energy efficient lighting solution creates safe and welcoming nocturnal landscape to bring people into the town centre at night

“Nivelles, Heart of Light”, a social and environmental approach to lighting was launched as part of a mobility plan to give more pedestrian space back to the public, notably the area surrounding the Saint Gertrude Collegiale Church in the historic heart of the town. The new pedestrian zones had to be lit with more energy efficient LED luminaires.

To preserve the open character of the space, all poles were removed and only bollards or recessed luminaires were installed.

Neos luminaires mounted on the façades provide the main lighting.

Recessed Bloco light the paths along the north and east side.

Nearly 30 Bora bollards were installed along the east side and the south side, providing a festive ambiance for passengers waiting on the buses.

Noctis Midi light the square while Terra Midi illuminate the Cathedral and up-light the trees. Curl benches were installed to provide more relaxation zones.

By exploiting different levels of lighting, the installation structures the space and highlights the architectural treasures of the town centre. The new installation generates energy savings of 73% and stops the town from producing more than 26 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

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