Belgrade Fortress

SCULP floodlights provide an energy efficient illumination scheme to enhance this landmark history and the charm for the joy of the residents and visitors

Built on a ridge above the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers, Belgrade Fortress, which was destroyed and rebuilt many time over the past 16 centuries, still stands as the symbol of the Serbian capital. The most visited tourist attraction in the city, it has been declared a Cultural Monument of Exceptional Importance in 1979.

In 2018, Schréder was commissioned to provide a new architectural lighting that will emphasize the historical background and charm of the fortress. It was necessary to create a sustainable solution that would revive many gates, passages, ramparts and walls at night without interfering with visual enjoyment.

We proposed a mixture of SCULPdot, SCULPflood and SCULPline floodlights to achieve the desired lighting vision.

Within the two phases of the new illumination scheme of the Belgrade Fortress, the King's Gate, the Clock and the Istanbul Gate, the ramparts, many passages and staircases were illuminated.

Recessed in the ground, close to the walls, the SCULPline accentuates the texture of the ancient bricks and blocks by playing on layers of light and shadow.

It increases visibility and improves the contrast in the multiple gateways for a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Equally, it highlights the small passageways to create a warm nocturnal ambiance to encourage visitors to explore this impressive heritage site at their leisure.

SCULPLine bathes this majestic edifice in white light to emphasize architectural details and create a striking focal point while cutting energy costs by 50%.

The SCULPdot and SCULPflood bathe the fortress walls in a soft white light to bring them alive at night and emphasis the importance of this symbolic landmark in the city skyline.

All of these energy-efficient floodlights direct the light exactly where it should, with minimal glare for the people visiting the fortress. 

The new illumination scheme has transformed the fortress into a striking nocturnal feature overlooking the city and created an engaging public space at night that can be enjoyed by both the local residents and visitors.