Quality lighting can make the difference between a good or bad workout or victory or failure in many sports.

From multi-purpose community halls where families and schools practice throughout the year to large arenas that welcome national or international competitions and set the standard for the spectator experience, we deliver lighting solutions that ensure engaging experiences for the people and operational benefits for the facility managers.  

Our dedicated solutions: 

  • Deliver a bright light for safety and effective crowd management
  • Ensure glare-free lighting with perfect illuminance so that competitors can give 100% and referees can concentrate on the action
  • Guarantee visual comfort for optimum viewing from all seats
  • Adapt the lighting to the different levels required for fun, amateur or professional sports with an easy-to-use control system
  • Resist vibrations and shocks to provide performance in the long term
  • Meet stringent criteria for high-quality lighting for UHDTV and flicker-free super slow-motion replays 
  • Create special effects and entertainment value with dynamic lighting scenarios for engaging and unforgettable experiences
  • Eliminate light pollution for the environment and good community relations 
  • Keep maintenance work and costs to a minimum
  • Generate energy savings of up to 70% by combining the best of LED technology with a range of control systems 
  • Provide a fast return of investment.