Prince Felipe Pavilion

Sports lighting cuts energy costs by over 54% and meets requirements for HD TV

Built in 1990, the Prince Felipe Pavilion in Zaragoza is the city's main indoor sports facility. It is home to the Casademont Zaragoza men's and women's basketball teams, which play in the first division. With a seating capacity of 10,744 spectators, the pavilion regularly hosts major basketball matches such as the Spanish Super Cup and other non-sporting events such as concerts. 

Sports lighting for a modern venue

The pavilion was lit by 90 floodlights equipped with halogen lamps, which no longer met the lighting requirements. The fixtures were also consuming a lot of energy and requiring excessive maintenance. The local authorities decided to replace the lighting with more energy-efficient LED floodlights to: 

  • improve the quality of lighting in the venue;
  • reduce energy and maintenance costs;
  • enable matches and other events to be broadcast on HD television. 

Working with Saltoki Iluminación, an installation company, we proposed a lighting solution with the OMNISTAR.

Better quality sports lighting with less energy

The OMNISTAR LED floodlights are fitted with the latest generation LEDs that deliver a bright crisp white light with a colour temperature of 5,700K to ensure perfect visibility for both players and spectators.

They provide a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI +90), giving a much better perception of colours for television coverage. They ensure clear and vivid images to broadcast national and international matches.

Thanks to the low energy consumption of the OMNISTAR LED floodlight (562W), the new sports lighting has cut energy costs by over 54% while meeting all the requirements of the different sporting federations.



Zaragoza City Council


Installation: Saltoki Iluminación
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