Belmont sports hall

OMNIstar cuts energy consumption while improving the lighting levels for this multi-purpose hall, which hosts multiple events for the local community

The Belmont multi-purpose sports hosts many events for the local community, from adult gym classes to childrens sports clubs and conferences.

The local authorities decided to replace the lighting with a more energy efficient solution that would improve visual comfort in the hall. The new lighting also had to take into account the needs of the various sports to be played in the hall, with good uniformity as well as minimal glare and shadow.

Schréder proposed the OMNIstar.
A total of 12 luminaires were installed to light this 364m² hall. They have cut the energy consumption by 45% but also increased the lighting levels (from 454 to 502 lux) while improving the overall light uniformity and visual comfort.
This robust luminaire also has a high impact resistance against vibrations and shocks from balls gone astray.

A control unit fitted with a dimmable driver (1-10V) was also installed to adapt the lighting levels to the different events taking place in the hall.
This generates even more energy savings when the lighting levels are lowered for the different sports taking place in the hall.

The local authorities are pleased with the new lighting which has surpassed their expectations.

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