City of Cacak - City Beach

FLEXIA for the modern look of the City Beach

The City of Cacak is located in the central part of Serbia - Sumadija, and it is the administrative, economic and cultural center of the Moravica district. This city has a favorable geographical position and the advantage that the Zapadna Morava flows through its City core.

For that reason, the city leaders decided to arrange the space located along the river bank, which belongs to the spatial unit "Sports Center Cacak". The vision of the architects and designers of the park and the city beach was to revive this part of the city and to introduce new facilities that will enable citizens a pleasant stay throughout the year on the banks of the Morava. The idea was to create a park with a focus on accompanying activities for different user groups and ages. Great attention is paid to the preservation of the existing dendroflora. This part of the coast is very visited both during the day and at night and it is of great importance for the social life of the City of Cacak. In that part there are numerous cafes, restaurants, sports fields and children's playgrounds. For that reason, the project of arranging this part of the city was entrusted to experienced city architects who wanted to create a unique urban ambience in this area that will respond to the numerous demands of all generations.

Special emphasis within this project was on arranging and lighting the city beach. In order for the whole space to exude uniqueness, new bracket have been designed for this occasion to fit into the new and modern look of the Quay. Scréder's new luminaire FLEXIA was chosen to illuminate this modern urban space. This stylized and unique lighting solution in combination with modern and aesthetically stylized brackets make this space exude lightness, spaciousness and modernism, and on the other hand expressed originality. A total of 30 FLEXIA MIDI luminaires (75W) were installed using a standard FLEXIA SQUARE 40x40mm bracket (E1). The luminaires are equipped with carefully designed LED optics that meet all requirements when it comes to visibility and safety. Neutral white color and reduced light spill create a warm welcome atmosphere.

As part of this ambient whole, the embankment of the river have been illuminated and arranged too, which have now shone with new splendor and become a favorite footpath of all generations. The KAZU luminaire was chosen for illumination. With the new lighting scheme, the emphasis is placed primarily on the safety and needs of citizens who can now recreate and enjoy the pleasant ambience of the sports center at any time of the day or night.

The local authorities and the team of architects who worked on this project are very pleased with the results and effects they have achieved by opting for our lighting solution. New lighting gave a completely different modern look to this hitherto neglected part of the city and emphasized the importance of the coast and the city beach as a place of meeting and recreation for all residents and visitors of this city.

City of Cacak - City Beach