Schréder introduces its Circle Light Label for a more circular economy

As towns and cities face major challenges due to urbanisation and climate change, they need to foster sustainable urban environments. At Schréder, we have always focused on developed lighting solutions that preserve and enhance landscapes. We have always been early adopters of new technology to improve the way our products are designed, produced and consumed.

As far back as the 1980s, we developed Sealsafe® to guarantee cleanliness and consequently photometric performance over time. At the turn of the century, we developed the miniR® and μR® (micro-reflector) to design luminaires like the Thylia and Nano LED that minimise the use of raw materials.

We have built our reputation on constantly rethinking our solutions to minimise our ecological footprint and those of our customers. It is in this constant quest to innovate and be completely transparent with our customers, that we have launched the Circle Light Label.

This label acts as a circular indicator for our customers. It clearly designates products that are optimised for circular economy through 12 objective criteria to provide greater visibility and control over responsible sourcing.

For right from the onset, circularity will be fully incorporated into our luminaires DNA. From the concept phase, design guidelines will not only take into account the production and environmental impact of our luminaires. They will facilitate the removal of components and increase the standardisation of parts and the materials separability once its operating life is over.

As cities face increasing challenges due to urbanisation and pollution, lighting is important to create public spaces that not only provide for our needs, but for our pleasure - liveable places to live, work and play. But it shouldn’t come at a cost. This label will enable customers to make choices for a more sustainable future.

Suzon Michel -, Schréder Sustainability Project Manager developed the Circle Light Label
Suzon Michel
Sustainability Project Manager at Schréder

IZYLUM, the latest addition to our road and street lighting range, fully conforms with the criteria of the Circle Light Label. It can be consistently adapted to meet the changing needs of the city, maintaining and improving light performance long into the future. At the end of its extended service life, its base components can either be upcycled, repurposed or recycled.

IZYLUM road lighting luminaire is designed for a circular economy


FLEXIA has also been designed to meet the demands of the Circular Economy. This extremely modular platform integrates a CR-Kit that regroups the LEDs, lenses, gear and electrical accessories on a tool-free removable unit for easy upgrades to improve the performance of the city’s light infrastructure over the long term. Installations can also be regularly updated to meet the changing aesthetics of the city, offering stylistic enhancements.

This label is a sign of our commitment to enable towns and cities to develop a circular economy while creating more socially cohesive and biodiverse urban environments.